Mike played for our club and coached in our junior program in 2019, and quickly made an impression on both senior and junior players. He provided great structure and practice plans for our player development, both in groups and individual lessons.

I would highly recommend Mike for his approach to junior development, his game knowledge, and his interest in each player he comes into contact with.

Reed Morris, President wembley magipes, Australia

A lot of coaches know baseball. The separator for me is how much a coach cares. And Mike does care about his players.

Chris Dassy, President MSG Phoenix, belgium

Michael Varga is a very strong hitter with good hand-eye coordination and great instincts. What really stood out was his ability to hit every kind of pitcher, good, bad, and great pitching alike. As a catcher he helped to grow our pitching staff; he has a lot of in-depth knowledge of modern pitching development. I could also fully rely on him if I had a hitter who needed 1-1 coaching to further develop their craft or get out of a slump.

As of him as a coach… I have seen only a handful of guys who are so good at bringing the love for the game towards children or people who try out baseball for the first time. He is an absolute professional if you are looking to build a really broad base of players for your club. He is very dedicated to the team he plays for. He will give a lot of effort to help out the entire organization.”

Andreas Lastinger, head coach attnang athletics, austria

You truly are an ambassador of the game Mike. The A’s are lucky to have you and I hope you stick around for years to come.

john, austria

Good coach, nice guy, and great educational knowledge and great baseball player. What else!!

Oliver, belgium

Since I started personal training with Coach Mike, my pitching has improved tremendously. I have a lot more control and velocity, and I can see the results on the field. Coach Mike’s coaching style is very fun, exciting, and interactive. I will be working with Coach Mike in the future, and encourage people to do the same. I never want to call it a day when Coach Mike is here!

Manny, Austria

 Mike would mentor teammates and teach them what they needed to know to make the team better. He is like having another coach on the field and I can say that I myself have learned more from him than he has from me.

Peter olson, assistant coach rhode island college, usa

Mike is a great, genuine person and will be sorely missed from our household. The influence he has had on our son in such a short time is incredible, and we will be forever grateful. 

Dane, western Australia
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