Programs and Services

Michael Varga International Coaching offers a variety of in-person and/or distanced-based coaching and development programs to suit the needs of ballplayers at any stage of their game. Coach Mike offers personalized, private lessons for individuals and small groups, clinics for teams and coaches, as well as video analysis that utilizes high-quality technology and in-depth feedback. Our programs ensure a structured, enthusiastic, and interactive experience.

In-Person, Private Lessons

When he is not playing baseball around the world, Coach Mike services the greater Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts area for private, in-person lessons.

Lessons are 1-1.5 hours, and options range from 1-on-1 lessons, to groups up to 5 players.

Prices vary based on group size and location, starting at $30/hour. For more information, or to schedule an in-person lesson, send us an email today!

Virtual, Online Lessons

Good coaching can be hard to find; that’s why Coach Mike strives to be available to eager ballplayers all over the world. Virtual, online lessons are flexible, adaptable, creative, and effective. Using Zoom, and the resources you have available, Coach Mike constructs high-energy, out-of-the-box lessons to improve your makeup as a ballplayer.

Lessons are 45 minutes, and options range from 1-on-1 lessons, to groups up to 5 players.


Single Player: 1x45min lesson: $40

Single Player: 2×45 min lesson: $70

Single Player: 4×45 min lesson: $120

Group Virtual lesson: Subject to group size

For more information, or to schedule a virtual, online lesson, send us an email today!

Video Analysis

Looking for an in-depth analysis of crucial mechanics such as your swing, pitching mechanics, or running form? Look no further than our video analysis program. After sending Coach Mike video of your skill, you will receive a highly detailed, descriptive, visual analysis to help correct flaws, assess movement patterns, and ultimately achieve greater results.

Price: 1x Video Analysis of 1 Skill: $30

For more information, or to schedule a video analysis, send us an email today!

Team and Coaching Clinics

Team and Coaching Clinics are perfect ways to incorporate MViC programs and philosophies into your baseball team and coaching staff over the long term.

Price: Subject to duration, location and group size

For more information, or to schedule a team and/or coaching clinic, send us an email today!

Since I started personal training with Coach Mike, my pitching has improved tremendously. I have a lot more control and velocity, and I can see the results on the field. Coach Mike’s coaching style is very fun, exciting, and interactive. I will be working with Coach Mike in the future, and encourage people to do the same. I never want to call it a day when Coach Mike is here!

— Manny, Austria

I have seen only a handful of guys who are so good at bringing the love for the game towards children or people who try out baseball for the first time. He is an absolute professional if you are looking to build a really broad base of players for your club. He is very dedicated to the team he plays for. He will give a lot of effort to help out the entire organization.”

— Andreas Lastinger, Austria

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