First Ever MViC Camp a Success!!

Attnang Athletics Host Inaugural Camp Michael Varga International Coaching launched its maiden set of baseball camps over the weekend of June 13-14, 2020. Hosted by the Attnang Athletics of the Austrian Baseball League, the four hour clinics focused on the fundamentals of catching, pitching and hitting for U-12 participants, looking to help build a foundationContinue reading “First Ever MViC Camp a Success!!”

The 2020 Minor League Baseball Season Cancelled: Opinion

The 2020 Minor League Baseball season being cancelled has felt inevitable for a long time. With these being such confusing and uneasy times, a cancelled season does not feel un-ordinary. However, I still think there is a very important point to be made. I grew up 30 minutes from the Norwich Navigators, a Double AContinue reading “The 2020 Minor League Baseball Season Cancelled: Opinion”

7 Ways to Stay Active in Baseball During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has put many aspects of our everyday lives on halt, including the game of baseball. Major League Baseball is on an indefinite hiatus, the World Baseball Classic postponed qualifiers, and the NCAA cancelled all college spring sports. Baseball teams, programs, and facilities internationally are shutting down and laying low until the world has weatheredContinue reading “7 Ways to Stay Active in Baseball During the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Top 10 Baseball Movies (To Watch During Lockdown)

Already burned through Netflix, Hulu, and Disney + with no end to lockdowns in sight? Still itching for a little bit of baseball in your everyday life? Michael Varga International Coaching has put together our top 10 baseball movies to help quench your baseball thirst while cooped up indoors. 1. Bull Durham Bull Durham capturesContinue reading “Top 10 Baseball Movies (To Watch During Lockdown)”

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