Michael Varga International Coaching

What is Michael Varga International Coaching?

The Mission…

Michael Varga International Coaching is an in-person, online and mobile coaching service for baseball enthusiasts all around the world.

​Founded by Coach Mike, a successful international, professional player and coach, MViC brings a polished knowledge of the game, dedicated hands-on services, and unique, effective developmental programs to help better the skills of any passionate ballplayer.

What makes Michael Varga International Coaching stand out?

MViC prides itself on bringing out the best in ballplayers of all ages and skill sets around the globe, while embracing the life lessons and worldwide sense of community this  amazing sport provides.

The Philosophy…

Michael Varga International Coaching knows baseball more than any other sport is a game of failure, and looks to develop a foundation of fundamental skills and a structured understanding of the game that can cultivate trust, confidence, and consistent success. 

​MViC advances ballplayers by breaking down the aspects of the game into simple, manageable, and measurable parts. These steps allow players to focus on variables they can control, learn effective movement patterns, and improve in both their strengths and weaknesses. 

​By mixing these fundamental components with challenging exercises, intense drills, and a competitive atmosphere, MViC challenges individuals to look past their perceived ability limits, build confidence in their skill set, and play the game with both conviction and intent. 

​Michael Varga International Coaching believes one of the greatest parts about baseball is that while we learn about the game, we learn about life. Ultimately, we look to not only equip individuals with the skills and mentality to be good ballplayers, but more importantly to be good people too. 

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